Trousdale Estates is an affluent neighborhood situated just above the well-known Sunset Boulevard, in the foothills at the northeast end of Beverly Hills. The area consists of 410 acres of orange groves and hunting grounds that was owned by oil tycoon Edward Doheny. Edward Doheny built a 46,000 square foot Tudor style home in the late 1920′s, known as Greystone Manor. The home was a gift to his son and his wife. Tragically, 5 months after they moved in his son and his male secretary were shot and found dead at the home.

The wife, Lucy, continued to live in the home until she sold the Manor in the late 1950’s to an Industrialist name Henry Crown and the remaining land to Paul Trousdale. Paul Trousdale acquired the 532 lots and convinced the Beverly Hills City Council to rename it the Trousdale Estates. He further devised an Architectural Committee, to regulate the style of homes including how high roofs could be.

Trousdale Estates is filled with luxury homes, architectural gems in their own right. Each home has its own unique style and personality. The homes were mainly single-story homes, many of the residences in Trousdale were built back in the 1950s and 60s and reflect the glamor of the Beverly Hills lifestyle.

The homes were designed to maximize the dynamic views that the region has to offer – from panoramic views of downtown L.A. to serene ocean view. Trousdale is widely known to have one of the largest concentrations of mid-century residential architectural styles in Southern California. Floor plans tend to be open, bright, airy and lovely features abound, from indoor and outdoor swimming pools to beautifully manicured front lawns to grand staircases.

Homes in the Trousdale area were designed by renowned architects and designers such as Wallace Neff, Paul R. Williams, A. Quincy Jones, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Harold Levitt, who work under the supervisor architect Allen Siple. These renowned architects and designers also work with a clientele who demanded nothing less than the best money can buy.

By 1981, some houses were remodeled, blocking their neighbors' views. As a result, after some consultation in 1987 the Trousdale Estates Homeowners Association, a non-profit organization, and the city of Beverly Hills implemented the Trousdale Ordinance to preserve the neighborhood. The neighborhood has 24/7 security patrol cars with armed guards.


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