Representing Both Sellers and Buyers:

Determine the needs and wants of the client.

By determining exactly what the client wants and needs allows me the opportunity to service the client’s best interest rather than selling or buying a property in a real estate transaction I always put our client’s priorities first.

In addition to the services below we also offer other services such as, cleanup crew, locksmith, a list of service providers from the Title Company, Escrow Company, Insurance Company and Concierge.

Sellers – Listing – Representation

When a Seller lists their property for sale, I know they are entrusting a large asset in my care. You deserve to get top dollar for your property and be represented by someone who is looking out for your best interests in a real estate transaction. That's why I offer my services in writing with an "Easy Exit Guarantee" for the performance of my real estate services. If, for any reason, a seller is not 100% satisfied with the services they are receiving, they may cancel their listing agreement immediately during the listing marketing period, by written notice before entering a contract and opening escrow. I also specialize in Probate, Trust and Conservator sales, helping Executors or Administrators understand the process of settling an estate through probate.

FREE Buyer Representation:

When you contract with me to find the perfect home, my objectives will be: ** to advise and assist you through every step of the home buying process. From our initial consultation, to mortgage application, inspections, negotiation, and closing, I will be there to lend my expertise. Together we will develop a "purchasing strategy”, customized to fit YOUR needs and concerns.     


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