Beverly Hills Flats is a neighborhood that features some of the most luxurious and famous homes in the country. It is a community, geographically more flat than the hilly “Beverly Hills Post Office” that sits north of Santa Monica Blvd, south of Sunset, west of Doheny, and just east of Whitter. The property value are comparable to that of the Post Office sector, but the larger, less sloped homes tend to be ripe for renovations or rebuilds.The home in the Flats are architecturally diverse, seemingly spanning the varied tastes of residence in the community. One commonality is the high median value of the real estate the land alone is highly sought after. The neighborhood and streets are well regulated by city services keeping Beverly Hills pristinely picturesque and manicured. The Flats are what most non-natives think of when they hear or see “Beverly Hills” on television. Another selling point for the Flats is the high level of education within the Beverly Hills school system.

Beverly Hills Flats were originally purchased and occupied as a possible plot to mine for oil. After no such oil was found, the land that then belonged to Rodeo Land and Water was reorganized and subdivided to build homes on. It was developed by “Beverly Farms” a company based in Beverly, Massachusetts. The first house was constructed in 1907.

It wasn’t until 1919 that the first celebrity home went up. The home of Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, the world’s first real movie stars, called “Pickfair” by the media was the beginning of the mansion/movie star trend that continues in the Flats today!